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Nature Heals

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A Bit of Background

Outpost Healing came about through the desire to help Disabled Veterans come home, and Heal from the wounds of war.  Our Military trains the best volunteers in the world to become the best Warriors in the world, what they don't train those Warriors to do is come home from War.  OP Healing is a free of charge campground for Disabled Veterans to come relax, reset, enjoy outdoor activities, and experience the healing Nature of the Outdoors. At OP Healing Veterans can meet other Veterans, share experiences, create new friendships, and find their way HOME.

OP Healing is a 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization

For more information, or to book a campsite use the Contact Us page

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What We Do

Making A Difference

UPDATE!!  OUTPOST HEALING will no longer be offering Psychedelic Retreats or Therapy.

We have been very concerned about the disingenuous narrative the Psychedelic medicine movement has adopted, we will continue to offer education on HOME use of Cannabis, Psilocybye Cubensis Mushrooms, and other Natural Plant and Fungi that are beneficial to physical and mental health.

Free Campsites

We have three campsites available in season (April 15 - Oct 1) Free to Disabled Veterans.  Campsites will be improved to 4 small year round cabins as we improve and continue to build, but will always be Free to Disabled Veterans.

Camping Equipment

At Outpost Healing, we are dedicated to helping Disable Veterans discover the healing power of Nature.  We know campsites, equipment, and gear can be expensive so we give free equipment and gear to Disabled Veterans.

Activities and Therapies

We have a lending closet for Activities such as canoeing, fishing, along with guiding fishing, and hunting trips.  Outpost Healing offers group camp fire therapy where Veterans can meet and share their experiences and help each other heal.  As we grow and improve we will offer equine therapy, service dog training, and do whatever we can to continue helping Veterans HEAL.

To donate gently used, or new outdoor/camping gear,  equipment, or money please mail to 


PO Box 400

Ft Garland CO, 81133 

You can also donate through our Paypal donation link by clicking the Donate button bellow. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with US Law regarding 501(c)3 donations, please include a note if you mail a donation and would like a receipt for your taxes.

Romantic Tent

Jason Lane

"I don't have PTSD, I AM PTSD;  Positive, Tenacious, Strong, Determined!"

Contact Outpost Healing

Get in touch with Outpost Healing to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

PO Box 400, Fort Garland, CO, 81133

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